Corporate Branded Ipad Covers, High Quality Branded Iphone 6 Cases, promotional phone cases and more!

Making sure your brand name is seen as much as possible is the goal of every marketing manager. By supplying your staff with your own custom Branded Iphone Cases / Branded IPad Covers or custom Branded Laptop skins not only are you strengthening your company's brand image and so becoming more memorable to your customers or prospects but you are also controlling the first impression those customers have of your company. Why let your sales staff go to meetings with tired and slightly scratched laptops and phones when you can send them with your own custom branded ipad covers or Company branded Phone that has been designed by you?

In the same way, if your staff all have iPhone 5's or a new delivery of the IPhone 6 then why risk them turning up to a meeting with inappropriate cases or skins when you can supply them with your companies own protective skins or IPhone cases and have the exact image you like be it your logo or a company message on their instead. Many top blue chip companies already use branded laptop skins and blackberry cases whilst we know several top media agencies and promotional teams who use branded iPad skins to make sure they stand out.

Thinkskins is always in touch with the latest technology so can easily provided brand Iphone 6 cases, IPad mini etc! 

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corporate branded phone cases
“From sending the basis of a design through on a Monday morning, approving the professionally recreated artwork on Monday afternoon to receiving the cases in the North of Scotland on Wednesday afternoon, the service received from ThinkSkins has been exemplary. Having done extensive research, and received many samples, I was very happy with the quality of the moulded plastic and superior print finish and of course, the turnaround time for our Galaxy S3 LTE covers. For a relatively inexpensive way to raise brand awareness, if you think personalised phone skins then you really need to contact ThinkSkins.”
- Deborah, Aquatic

For more testimonials and reviews, visit our Corporate Clients page.

Here at ThinkSkins we have supplied custom cases and skins to a wide range of businesses from Marketing agencies and small businesses to Schools or Multinational Organisations! Whatever the requirements we do all we can to oblige.

Branded Ipad Air cases can work well with giveaway items or IPhone 6 covers are an eyecatching branded promotional gifts, especially as corporate branded gifts at special events. 

We do a variety of styles that vary from low cost promotional items to high quality Toughened and padded hard wearing moulded Phone cases.

If you would like to know more please just ask!

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